Pine, Red
(Pinus Resinosa)

Pinus Resinosa


Size Light Hardiness
50′ to 70′ Sun ┬áZone: 2


# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
50 S 3-0 6″-12″
50 TR 2-2 7″-15″


# Per Bundle Container Type Size
1 Gallon IC 15″-18″

Large-sized, averaging 23 – 32 m (75 – 105 ft) high, evergreen conifer. Crown sparse, oval, over a straight, limbless trunk with little taper. Branches spreading with foliage tufted at the ends, resembling a fox tail. Branchlets medium textured, orange-brown in color with orange-brown buds. Trunk bark on young trees, red-brown or pink to gray, flaky. Eventually becoming plated. The plates have scaly surfaces.