Pine, Ponderosa
(Pinus Ponderosa)

Pinus Ponderosa


Size Light Hardiness
60′ to 100′ Sun ┬áZone: 3-7


# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
50 TR 2-2 7″-15″


# Per Bundle Container Type Size
1 Gallon 1C 15″-18″
2 Gallon 2C 18″-24″

Pinus Ponderosa will grow on most soils including very sandy soils and sites with very little topsoil. Once established, it is very drought resistant. With good care, Pinus Ponderosa will grow to a height of six feet in six years. It is widely used in windbreaks. The Pinus Ponderosa is the most frequently planted of the large, long-needled native pines.