Spruce, Colorado
(Picea Pungens)

Picea Pungens


Size Light Hardiness
30′-90′ Sun ┬áZone: 3-7


# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
50 TR 2-2 7″-15″


# Per Bundle Container Type Size
1 Gallon 1 C 15″-18″
2 Gallon 2 C 18″-24″
2 Gallon 2 C 24″-30″
5 Gallon 5 C 30″-36″

Gorgeous, brilliant, stately. The Picea Pungens, is a pyramidal shaped evergreen with steel blue foliage. It prefers heavier soils, full sun, and clean cultivation. Picea Pungens will reach a height of six feet in eight years on a good site. The Picea Pungens is probably the most drought tolerant of all spruce. It is widely used in windbreaks or as an ornamental yard tree.