Sumac, Skunkbush
(Rhus Trilobata)

Rhus Trilobata

Sumac Skunkbush

Size Light Hardiness
3′-6′ tall spread – 4′-10′ spread full sun to part shade ┬áZone: 3
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
25 Seedling (S) 12″-24″

Spreading shrub, smaller and finer- textured leaves than Fragrant Sumac. Forms a dense mass of stems and leaves. Scented leaves and light greenish- yellow flowers. Fruit colored red. Moderately drought tolerant. Can survive harsh growing conditions. Used for farmstead windbreaks and riparian plantings. Important fall and winter food for songbirds and game birds. Excellent roosting and loafing ground cover. Preferred nesting sites for birds.