Privet, Amur River
(Ligustrum Amurense)

Ligustrum Amurense

Privet Amur River

Size Light Hardiness
10′ form: pyramidal Light shade to full sun ┬áZones: 4-7
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
25 Seedling (S) 12″-18″
25 Seedling (S) 18″-24″
25 Transplant (T) 2′-3′

The Amur North River Privet, Ligustrum amurense, is the ideal hedge for a neat clipped appearance. It can be maintained at any height, making a thick dense hedge right down to the ground.. The more it is trimmed the thicker this hedge gets. Reaches 12-15 feet tall if left untrimmed. The lustrous green leaves stay on until late fall. The most widely used deciduous hedge in America. It is a hedge that will last a lifetime. Plant one foot apart to start your hedge. It has a very hardy dark green foliage.