Pine, Austrian
(Pinus Nigra)

Pinus Nigra


Size Light Hardiness
50′ to 60′ needs full sun ┬áZone: 4-7
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
50 TR 1-2 7″-15″
# Per Bundle Container Type Size
1 Gallon 1C 15″-18″
2 Gallon 2C 18″-24″

The Pinus Nigra tree is a densely branched tree producing long dark needles. This pine is a vigorous tree that thrives well in cities. It is ideal for windbreak or individual yard planting. Very hardy and does well in a variety of soil types. Its foliage is very dark green. The spreading branches of a young tree form a pyramidal outline, but in old age, it sometimes achieves a picturesque flat-topped head.