Maple, Norway
(Acer Platanoides)

Acer Platanoides


Size Light Hardiness
40 to 60′ tall Sun / partial shade ┬áZones: 4
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
25 Seedling (S) 2-3′

Leaves: opposite; 10 – 18 cm long; palmately five-lobed; the shallow lobes and edges with scattered long teeth; 5 or 7 main veins from notched base; dull green with sunken veins above, paler and hairless beneath; turning bright yellow in autumn. Long slender leafstalk, with milky sap at end when broken off. Bark: gray or brown; becoming rough and furrowed into narrow ridges. Twigs: brown, hairless. Flowers: 8 mm wide; with 5 greenish-yellow petals; in upright or spreading clusters; usually male and female on separate trees; in early spring before leaves. Fruit: 4 – 5 cm long; paired keys with long wing and flattened body; spreading widely, light brown, hanging on long stalk; Fruits ripen in Sept and Oct.