Elm, American “Princeton”
(Ulmus Americana ‘Princeton’)

Ulmus Americana 'Princeton'

Elm, American Princeton

Size Light Hardiness
60′ to 70′ Shade to moderate sun Zone: 2 to 8
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
25 Rooted Cutting (RC) 6″-18″
5 Rooted Cutting (RC) 18″-24″
5 Rooted Cutting (RC) 2′-3′
5 Rooted Cutting (RC) 3′-4′
5 Rooted Cutting (RC) 4′-5′
5 Rooted Cutting (RC) 5′-6′
5 Rooted Cutting (RC) 6′-8′

The Princeton American elm is exceptionally fast growing with large leathery foliage. It has recently reemerged in the professional landscape trade. By using modern, improved vegetative propagation, versus grafting, we are now able to produce a tree that is a Princeton American elm from top to bottom that can be easily planted and cared for by virtually anyone. This tree is not a hybrid but a true American elm (Ulmus Americana) with a proven scientific record of Dutch elm disease resistance and longevity. It is one of the nicest American Elms to grow for its shape, uniformity and growth rate.