Cottonwood, Common
(Populus Deltoides)

Populus Deltoides

Cottonwood Common

Size Light Hardiness
 75′ to 100′ Full Sun  All Zones
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
25 Rooted Cutting (RC) 18″-24″
25 Rooted Cutting (RC) 2′-3′
25 Rooted Cutting (RC) 3′-4′
25 Rooted Cutting (RC) 4′-5′
25 Rooted Cutting (RC) 5′-6′

Common Cottonwood is a large tree with upright spreading braches. The fall color is golden yellow. This fast growing tree has been widley planted in shelterbelts. This tree occurring along streams, rivers and throughout flood plains. One of the first woody species to appear on flood damaged sites. Can be established from cuttings. Often preferred as a roost tree by birds and other animals.