Birch, River
(Betula Nigra)

Betula Nigra

Birch River

Size Light Hardiness
40′ to 70′ Sun to partial shade Zones: 4-9
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
25 Seedling (S) 12″-18″
25 Seedling (S) 18″-24″
25 Seedling (S) 2′-3′
25 Seedling (S) 3′-4′

Multistemmed is desired; native; graceful branching; easy to transplant; best not to prune in spring – sap “bleeds”; heat tolerant; cinnamon brown exfoliating bark; may drop some leaves during dry weather; seeds attract birds. Has a golden yellow fall color. Leaves are yellowish-green, whitish and hairy underneath. Fruit is small catkins, twigs are reddish-brown and bark is reddsih-brown to salmon colored, thin papery peeling into curls.