Arborvitae, American
(Thuja Occidentalis)

Thuja Occidentalis

Arborvitae American

Size Light Hardiness
40′ to 60′ Sun to light shade  Zone: 2-8
# Per Bundle Bundle Type Size
50 TR 12″-18″
# Per Bundle Container Type Size
1 Gallon 1C 15″-18″
2 Gallon 2C 18″-24″

Know as the Northern White Cedar or Swamp Cedar.  A dense, flat green pyramidal tree, it has feather-like, yellowish green needles with blunt tips.  Grows on many sites from swamps to upland limestone sites to lake and stream banks.  It has a medium growth rate.  Useful for windbreaks, hedges, wildlife habitat, fence poles, lumber and as an accent plant.